At the core of most cybercrime operations is the attacker’s ability to install malware on Internet-connected computers without the owner’s informed consent. The goal of the MALICIA project is to study the crucial role of malware in cybercrime and the rise in recent years of an underground economy associated with malware.

Security Framework for IMS

The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent Bio-inspired self-defending/ self-healing security frame work for IP Multimedia System (IMS) and Next Generation All-IP Networks, which will complement existing authentication and encryption  mechanisms to protect infrastructure nodes and subscribers against the attacks launched by malicious nodes in the network. These unique and real-time vulnerabilities which need to be addressed in the IMS network include: IMS framework-related vulnerabilities, SIP protocol vulnerabilities, VoIP/ video/ PoC/ Messaging/ Presence/ Conferencing application vulnerabilities; and voice spam, media plane related vulnerabilities.

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