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[NDSS 2016] It’s Free for a Reason: Exploring the Ecosystem of Free Live Streaming Services


Abstract: Recent years have seen extensive growth of services enabling free broadcasts of live streams on the Web. Free live streaming (FLIS) services attract millions of viewers and make heavy use of deceptive advertisements. Despite the immense popularity of these services, little is known about the parties that facilitate it and maintain webpages to index links for free viewership. more

Coverage: WashingtonTimes  BBC  Fortune  Wired  ITProPorta  TechWeekEurope  BoxCryptorAnonymous Trusted Reviews  Advanced Television  After Dawn  Dream Team FC  Anonymous Headquarter  KU-Leuven

Clarification on media quoting me:

“[To watch the stream] users are typically asked (or lured) to install the browser extensions, and once the user installs the extension, it can potentially change any website inside the computer browser (e.g., through ad injection etc.).

So, if a person installs an extension while watching a stream, and then visits a site like (or any other site), these extensions can potentially change the contents of *in the user browser* and can include malicious links.”

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